Enhanced Mobile Communication with Content-Centric Networks


This project will investigate the feasibility of content-centric networks in the context of mobile ad hoc networks. The investigation comprises efficient caching strategies for resource constraint devices, energy-efficient operation as well as reliable content discovery and delivery. The mechanisms proposed in this work will be evaluated by simulations and emulations based on existing CCN implementations.

This project will be performed in the context of COST Action IC0906.

Project Details

Title: Enhanced Mobile ad hoc Communication with Content-Centric Networks
People Carlos Anastasiades, Prof. Dr. Torsten Braun
Duration: 05.2011 - 04.2014
state: finished
Funding: Staatssekretariat für Bildung und Forschung (SBF), SBF Nr. C10.0139
Index Terms: content-centric networks, mobile ad hoc networks, energy-efficiency, wireless mesh nodes