Integral Indoor 3D Guidance and Access-Control System (in3DGuide)


The main goal of the project is to develop a complete system that can guide people indoors or provide additional services such as access control. The system relies solely on the perception of mobile phones and local communication networks (without necessarily using cellular operators' infrastructure). Augmented Reality (A.R.) will provide assistance in identifying points of interest as well as providing context-aware information and managing access control. The provided solution spans from the necessary hardware and software to capture cellular signals to the front end applications. At the CDS group, we focus on the development of the sensors to capture user signals on their processing to derive locations for navigation.

This project will be performed in the context of Eurostars Eureka project E!6429.

Project Details

Title: Integral Indoor 3D Guidance and Access-Control System
People Dr. Desislava Dimitrova, Prof. Dr. Torsten Braun, Islam Alyafawi, Zan Li
Duration: 12.2011 - 11.2013
Funding: Eurostars E!6429, BBT Vertragsnummer INT.2011.0035
Index Terms: cellular networks, indoor localization networks, wireless sensor nodes