Fog Computing for Fog Harvesting and Environment Monitoring

  • Website: Fog Computing for Fog Harvesting and Environment Monitoring (FOG2)
  • Funding: State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation
  • Contact: Prof. Dr. Torsten Braun / Dr. Zhongliang Zhao
  • Abstract: Due to population growth and global warming, many Latin American cities might have water shortage problems in the near future. Therefore, it is necessary to relate climatic variables to manage water resources in the case of droughts and to prevent damages by installing early warning systems close to end-users. The FOG2 project aims to set up a platform to discuss the design, implementation, and testing of the integration of wireless network infrastructure with a water catchment system, called Warka tower, to collect and harvest potable water from the air and deliver an early hazard warning system. We will investigate the feasibility to apply the fog harvesting technique and deploy removable metal structures in a surface hydrographic basin located in the Andes of Ecuador. A wireless sensor network will be deployed to interconnect deployed Warka towers, as well as the river flow sensors. A fog computing system will be deployed next to the sensor devices to collect all the nearby measurements to perform real-time data processing. The processed data will be sent to the cloud computing system to find relationships between the collected data and the flow rate using advanced machine learning algorithms. The consortium includes three partners with complementary backgrounds. The Swiss partner has rich experience in wireless sensor networks and machine learning-driven network applications. The Brazilian partner is active in the fog computing system. The Ecuadorian partner is specialized in hydro-sanitary engineering. The combination of the three expertise builds a fundamental basis for the partnership to achieve the goals of this project.
  • Partners: University of Bern (Switzerland), Federal University of Pará (Brazil), and Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas (Ecuador)