Communication and Distributed Systems

ADAM - Administration and Deployment of Adhoc Mesh networks


Thomas Staub,

Daniel Balsiger,

Simon Morgenthaler,

Paul Kim Goode and

Michael Lustenberger


ADAM provides fault-tolerant management and software distribution for Wireless Mesh Networks. It includes a build system for an embedded Linux operating system (ADAM Image-Builder). Currently supported node platforms are PCEngines ALIX, PCEngines WRAP, Meraki Mini/Outdoor, and Open-Mesh Mini / OM1P. The ADAM Image-builder is available under the GPL license v2.


The ADAM build system requires a machine with a recent Linux distribution installed (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo). Ubuntu 10.10 is recommended. As the compressed archive contains symbolic links, it has to be decompressed directly on this machine. Please take a look at the various README files included in the archive (README,, README.alix, README.manual-configuration).


TAR GZ archive of ADAM Image-Builder v. 1.6 (24.2.2011, cnds rev 305)

TAR GZ archive of ADAM Image-Builder v. 1.5 (24.8.2010, cnds rev 238)

TAR GZ archive of ADAM Image-Builder v. 1.1 (22.5.2009, cnds rev 7 --> dan rev 236)

CNDS Subversion Repository of ADAM (guest read access)